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 Typical habitat of Barycypraea teulerei



The population found in South Oman is numerous and in health. The specimens stay undisturbed on the muddy / sandy ground in a few centimeters of water or completely exposed to sun during the low tide.

They don't have natural predators during their adult stage. The shell is very heavy and solid and cannot be damaged easily.



teulerei sponge
One specimen next to a red sponge probably used as food.


teulerei13 teulerei eggs
Many specimens were found hatching their eggs. They use a valve of a dead bivalve shell for laying the eggs.




Some specimens had their mantle extended.

The mantle is thin and traslucent and you can always see the shell pattern through.


teulerei subadult
One subadult specimen. It is not easy to find subadult specimens, may be they stay hidden because of their higher vulnerability.


teulerei mating
An exceptional picture in which two specimens of teulerei are mating !


 Three specimens collected (among hundreds left untouched). Different colors and size.


 Some very dark specimens together a normal color one.